About WeAspire

WeAspire is a leading organization assisting Indian NGO’s in receiving non-monetary assistance. We are a unique online fundraising platform specializing in the receipt and delivery of new product donations to select charities.

Your Online Charitable Fundraiser

We have invested in supporting non-profit organizations and related events in receiving donations and creating awareness for specific causes. WeAspire assists various departments with crowdfunding solutions including Education; Empowerment; Food & Hunger; Medical; Environmental and Animals.

Owing to the restrictions on international funding issued by the government in India, many NGO’s have had its licenses revoked including the cancelation of foreign financial aid. We have determined the dire straits that many NGO’s are facing owing to a lack of essential financial support. This has inspired us to create an online platform where international donors can continue to offer NGO’s what it needs to provide for disadvantaged communities. This is achieved through the provision of new products.

The products donated are delivered straight to the doorstep of the NGO. Based on our effective and transparent approach, WeAspire is equipped to manage donations in a unique and timely manner.

Even the Smallest Donation can Make the Biggest Difference

It is our mission to join forces with approved NGO’s to facilitate positive change through social reform. It is our goal to create awareness of our cause and the plight of so many others. We believe it is our duty to play a role in the continued operation of charities that provide for the needs of men, women, children and environmental requirements.

Why Choose WeAspire

WeAspire is a trusted and transparent online service that works with international donors to support and enhance humanitarian causes in India. You can rest assured when donating your products, it will be donated to a charity that requires such resources. We provide feedback for our donors. Rely on our services to ensure every step is taken to deliver donations to social welfare facilities.

We have witnessed how even the smallest donation can make the biggest impact in the lives of others. Without the provision of these non-monetary donations, many organizations will not be equipped to continue to operate and provide for disadvantaged persons. We have made it our mission to create a reliable and transformative platform that makes it simple for donors from all over the world to continue to support our people, animals and our country.

NGO’s play a crucial role in providing for the disadvantaged. Without these organizations many people and animals would suffer from a lack of basic care including access to food and medical assistance. The NGO’s who collaborate with us continue to rely on donations to facilitate services. With your help we can combat child labor, we can empower disabled women, maintain old age homes and protect the environment.