WeAspire- "Because sometimes they don't need money"

WeAspire, India's unique crowdsourcing platform. Where a donor can donate new products instead of money and we deliver it to the NGOs doorstep. Not only that, you can also see how your donation is changing the lives.

About WeAspire

“When people help people, change happens”

India is centered on the concepts of Daana (giving) and Seva (service). WeAspire is a non-profit organization vested in the concept of giving and service. It is our belief that by providing the less fortunate with what they need, it can make the biggest difference in the lives of others, and we are not talking about money. India has long recognized the desperate plight of many families including children and the elderly. Disadvantaged communities do not have access to essential resources including food, education, sanitation and general care. WeAspire has adopted the principles and practices of the many emerging and original organizations that assisted in health, education, cultural and disaster relief as early as the mid 1800s. We continue to strive for improved conditions and support for real causes.

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Together, we can make a difference


Needy people will get required goods in their hand


WeAspire verified NGOs will get benefited for real cause


We need your support to donate 1 Lakh products in 365 days


Donate Products Directly To The NGOs Instead Of Money

“We Can Not Do Great Things On This Earth, Only Small Things With Great Love!”

—Mother Teresa

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